Capital Direct Funding Hard Money , a direct private lender, recently announced that the level of hotel and motel funding has increased by 80% in the over the past several months. The hospitality industry was one of the hardest hits in the recent recession and only recently have commercial developers begun to begin new hotel and motel projects or re-start existing projects that were put on hold when the economy became difficult.. According to the owners of Capital Direct Funding Hard Money, the recent movement in the economy and the reduction in unemployment has convinced many builders that now is the time to build. Even so, financing projects remains a challenge and that’s where companies like Capital Direct Funding Hard Money come in. This firm stands ready to help in the growth of the US economy by providing the funds necessary to fuel economic growth.

With the increase in hotel/motel lending the Capital Direct Funding commercial loans are getting significant attention. Increased demand in the hospitality industry indicates that businesses are starting to expand an consumers are ready to spend more money on travel. The types of commercial loans available from Capital Direct Funding Hard Money are numerous and comprehensive. The company offers conventional financing loans, construction loans, bridge loans, loan for acquisition and development and many more.

One of the reasons that hotel/motel loans have skyrocketed 80% is the increase in economic activity but another is the ease with which firms can obtain a loan from Capital Direct Funding Hard Money. The company has perfected the art of shortening the lending process. Many borrowers expect a lengthy and difficult loan application process but this is not the case with Capital Direct Funding. According to a company spokesman, “Capital Direct Funding Hard Money prides itself on customer satisfaction and going the extra step to make the loan process easy. Capital Direct Funding Hard Money provides a prompt response in less than 24 hours. As soon as our underwriters receive the details concerning a required funding scenario for a new project we will be prepared to issue a lending term sheet agreement.”

The loan application process begins online and can be completed via the simple preliminary loan application form that takes a mere 60 seconds to fill out and submit. With just basic personal information, Income information and a thorough description of the project a builder can be on their way to the financing they need to bring their project to completion. Capital Direct Funding Hard Money is known as an honest direct commercial Lender in the industry and prides itself on the most secure lending practices to make sure client’s information is safe and secure. The company has the ability to offer loans ranging from $1 million to $100 billion and stands ready to help potential investors get their projects completed as the economy improves. Builders of hotels and motels have already realized how powerful the Capital Direct Funding Hard Money lending process can be.


Capital Direct Funding Hard Money is made up of a professional group of veteran professionals with many years of experience in lending. They specialize in hard money, conventional finance and fast bridge commercial real estate lending. To learn more visit the company’s website or call 877.273.7823 to speak with a company representative.

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