16, December 2014: According to Freddie and Sebbie main representative, Neil Speight, their car seat protector is the highest rated product of its kind seen on Amazon, saying that this car accessory has actually currently received 169 consumer evaluations, 118 of which are maximum 5 star ratings. He stated… “Despite the fact that we did go out of our way to develop a luxurious design car seat protector, we didn’t expect it to end up being so popular so quickly. There are over a hundred 5 star score comments already, so I think the genuine factors for this product’s specific success can be found amongst the validated customer testimonials.”

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Among the 5 star reviews, numerous clients say how it helps for storing toys. Only recently, Sharon Arnold left a remark that says… “I got this to position under my young child’s car safety seat when we purchased a new car. We immediately went on a long trip and this car seat protector was such a help to keep crumbs and dirt off the new leather seats. It appears very durable and though I have not used it too much yet, I think the pockets at the front will certainly be excellent for saving little toys, pacifiers, and so on” Randen Montalvoon states the product is best for safeguarding the upholstery when kids are present, saying… “Outstanding protection for kids that mess up light colored interiors, fantastic quality and extra storage too. I bought 2 of them and they work great in a 2011 Prius. I highly recommend them to avoid getting children’s scuff marks on leather car seats!”

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Another Verified Buyer says the car seat protector works like a beauty, adding… “Got a 2 year old who loves to toss things and spill milk. This thing is freaking incredible. It’s so simple to install and I even put it in my mom-in-law’s car when she had to temporarily change to baby sit. Definitely astonished!” Rufus L. Hardy states he in fact made his purchase based upon the client remarks he’d read. He wrote… “Are definitely saving my leather seats! Seeing such strong favorable evaluations, I decided to purchase one. Our granddaughters shoes were making a mess out of the parchment color leather seats in our new car. This protector ended up being the ideal solution. With her rear positioned seat, the cars back was rapidly becoming a mess. The seat is now protected and the hassle-free pockets on the cover are great for storing small accessories. My eldest son and his other half are buying covers for their cars after seeing how beneficial mine are. Well worth the money!”

Finally another validated purchaser states in a five star ranked remark… “I bought these for my 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman which has our grand-kids car safety seats in the rear seat. I am very picky about my cars and did not want anything destroying my seats. I acquired these to protect the seats in addition to picking up any food that grandma may slip the kids when I was not there. These are precisely what I was looking for. These protect the seats in addition to imitating kick mats, in addition to being great to store little toys for the grand-kids. Now I just need to get one for my front seat, for when my other half is driving!”

For further information about the new Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Car Seat Protector, visit http://www.amazon.com/Car-Seat-Protector-Scuffmarks-Replacement/dp/B00CJD5Y4I/

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