October 29, 2013: The website Car Seat Tree hosts a review of Evenflo’s newest Securekid 400 model and maintains that this is the new lightweight champion that provides ultimate protection for the kids in speeding cars. The website responsibly offers a detailed Evenflo Securekid 400 review, which can prove a guiding source for parents who are planning to buy a child car seat.

There are numerous parents in the world who always care for the safety of their children, and they know how a high-quality child car seat is important for their little innocent ones. A good quality convertible car seat offers the necessary safety and comfort and makes a child’s car journey more pleasant and less tiresome. Now, all such parents can get valuable information about different types of child car seats on the website Car Seat Tree. The website has recently uploaded a review of Evenflo’s latest Securekid 400 model, which is more safe and secure for a child with the new self-ratcheting SureLATCH they have incorporated now.

The site maintains that they have incorporated several advanced features in this new model and which attracted the attention of the reviewers associated with the site. And now, they host a detailed http://www.carseattree.com/evenflo-securekid-400-review/ which parents can take help to make sure that this is the seat they need for their child’s protection in a speeding car.

The site maintains that the demand of child car seats is growing day by day because of the growing incidences of car accidents. Concerned parents are looking for highly functional car seats for their children and Evenflo has now come up with the new Securekid 400 which is a lightweight and highly durable car seat available today in the market. The website Carseattree helps people understand why Securekid 400 is the lightweight protective car seat that a parent must have in his/her car.

The Securekid 400 uses 3 different types of energy-absorbing foam in the side walls and for the head protection and one can learn more about it by visiting the website http://www.carseattree.com/ .

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