China — Activated carbon fiber is one sort of the new adsorption material, which has the features of high adsorption capacity, high adsorption and desorption speed, easy regeneration character, good anti-heat feature, high resistance for acid and alkali and good electrical properties. Therefore, the related products carbon felt are widely used in industries of metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry, medicine, machinery, military, environmental protection and other fields. According to the introduction of engineer from CFCCARBON LTD which is the best manufacturer for carbon felt and graphite felt, the main application areas of this related product could be divided into the below areas.

The first application area for the carbon felt and graphite felt should be the daily life of people. The typically example should be the drinking water purification. The carbon felt could be used for removing the heavy metals hydronium, bacteria, residual chlorine, and other harmful substance. On the other hand, the deodorization should be another crucial function of it. The other example should be the indoor air purification which is the removal of fumes and harmful substances produced by smoking indoors, the odor produced by the Food and adsorption of various body odor and harmful substances floating in the air of the indoor space.

The other main application area of the rigid graphite felt should be the environmental governance and air purification in industry area. This product could be effectively used to achieve the environmental governance for workshop of chemical, pharmaceutical, glue producing, shoe-making, chemical fiber producing, food and other industries. It could be used for cleaning the air pollution produced by variety of volatile organic solvents and can be used for producing gas masks and masks. The water purification should be another area which people need to note. The carbon felt could be applied into the water purification circulatory system of beverage, beer, drinking water and others. Furthermore, purifying for sewage from chemical, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, dyeing, paper making, tanning, health, life and many other factors could be mainly depended on the carbon felt.

There is also another crucial factor which people need to understand the graphite felt is made of the normal carbon felt under vacuum or inert atmosphere by more than 2000 degrees high temperature treatment. In general, the graphite felt has higher carbon content than that of the carbon felt, which could reach to more than 99 percent. In the late 1960s, the world market already had graphite felt for the supplying. As the different selection of the original felt, the graphite felt could be mainly divided into asphalt base felt, polyacrylonitrile based graphite felt and glue based graphite felt.

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