17, January 2015: The IRP Triple Grip clutch from Intuitive Race Products in Vista, CA brings you the toughest motocross clutch ever made. And they are built tough to last longer, grip better, feel more firm and drive stronger than stock cork based units.

IRP’s KTM 50 clutches are known world wide as THE innovative leader in high performance racing clutches for KTM 50cc class dirt bikes. According to the manufacturer, their Trip Grip Racing Clutch for the 2009-2015 KTM 50 minis helps kids ride faster with less effort and win more races.

According to the manufacturer, the IRP Carbon fiber lining benefits include:

1. Proprietary woven Carbon Fiber Friction plates provide superior strength and best thermal stability.
2. Will not fade from hole shot to the checkered flag.
3. Static to dynamic friction coefficient ratio provides smooth yet positive lockup without surging or judder.
4. Less drag for easier cold starting.
5. A full ounce lighter than the stock friction plates.
6. Less rotational inertia for a quicker acceleration time.
7. 100% pure carbon fiber, not carbon fiber impregnated paper or cork based material.

“It’s a huge point of distinction”, says Ron Linville, owner of IRP Intuitive Race Products. “Chinese cork is awful. Others’ carbon fiber might actually be cellulose paper and burn up quickly. So buyers should be aware of what they’re getting”.

The secret weapon inside the Triple Grip clutch kits is the high quality carbon fiber linings built into the clutch plates. The IRP Triple Grip clutch is the real deal: Actual high quality carbon fiber clutch plate lining. Not cork, cellulose paper or a cheap low quality Chinese knock-off version of what they call “carbon fiber”.

It’s very hard to find pure carbon lined clutch pates for mini bikes. Pure carbon fiber offers a strong grip and it places very little wear on its mating surfaces. Carbon fiber lining is used for improved maximum torque capacity, positive engagement and maximum holding capacity. Plus the high heat ability of these IRP Carbon Fiber clutch linings handle much higher stresses and temperatures encountered in racing or hard use yet feel gentle and smooth in everyday riding.

According to critics and motorcycle enthusiasts, the Original Intuitive Race Products (IRP) KTM 50 Triple Grip Clutch with carbon fiber lining is considered best in class as it consistently out performs all other KTM 50 clutches.

Located in Vista California, Intuitive Race Products (IRP) is well known throughout the motorcycle racing industry in USA and in Europe as providers of high quality motorcycle racing parts.

Watch a new video about the carbon fiber clutch here: http://youtu.be/hGeLS-FDBo4
Learn more about the IRP KTM 50 Triple Clutch with carbon fiber linings at http://www.inturace.com or call Intuitive Race Products at 760-598-2105.