London, UK — Career Traveller is the online travelogue of well-known world traveller and connoisseur of culture, Emma Bumpus. Emma travels the world to investigate and report back to her readers about some of the most unique and gorgeous locations across the globe as she samples cultures and cuisine and interviews each location’s interesting residents, along the way. The blog’s focus is to help readers to discover more about the pleasures in travel, as well as to learn more about the many diverse cultures and traditions that are scattered across the globe so that one might be able to locate and plan the perfect holiday getaway. Emma is pleased to announce the release of upcoming trips and travel dates.

Career Traveller has been delighting readers as they learn more about the world through her eyes as an experienced world traveller. Upcoming travel dates and trips that have just been released for the summer and fall of 2013 include Emma’s planned excursions in London, UK and Woodstock, Oxfordshire for the month of July 2013, Lake Garda, Italy and Newport, South Wales, UK in August 2013, the areas of Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Nord-Pas-de-Calais , France in September 2013 and Brussels, Belgium for October 2013.

In the past, Emma has travelled to a wide range of exotic and interesting locales in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as other parts of Europe and Australia. Earlier 2013 she visited and reported on her travels to London’s SoHo district in January, her fascinating stay in Madrid, Spain in February, her family’s adventure at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, England in March and her subsequent exploration of the theatre culture in London, England in June.

Emma’s website includes breathtaking photos of the many locations to which she has travelled, detailed reports of the sights and sounds that she has encountered, cultural events that she’s enjoyed, as well as the best places to stay and dine throughout the world. Emma also posts to the site interviews that she has conducted with the many unique and colorful people that she has met in her travels. The interviews give readers insight into a wide range of cultural activities and events as well as other travel specific information for various locations across the globe.

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Career Traveller is the travel blog where well-known world traveller and adventurer Emma Bumpus records her insights into the most interesting locations, cultures, traditions and cuisines from across the globe. Emma invites her readers to come discover the world’s most unique and refreshing locales through her eyes as she travels the world.

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