Newport Beach, California - CarePilot, in cooperation with Cord for Life storage facilities, is making banking newborn umbilical cord blood a simple and affordable process for families who might not otherwise have access to this lifesaving procedure. CarePilot is offering significant discounts on both the procedure and long-term storage of infant cord blood.

Cord blood banking is a routine procedure that does not harm the mother or infant, but offers an opportunity to treat up to 75 diseases through the use of cord blood stem cells. These cells are harvested from the infant's umbilical cord blood and can be used to treat serious illnesses such as leukemia, lymphoma, and immune deficiency disorders. For more than 20 years, doctors have been using cord blood cells to improve the quality of life for patients.

Stem cells are so useful in treating disease because they are inherently without "identity." A stem cell can be transplanted and used to repair bone and tissue, stop bleeding or fight disease. The best stem cells to use for any particular treatment are those that are harvested from the individual when he or she is born. These incredible cells may even be used for other family members as well.

However, without proper harvesting and storage, there is no way to take advantage of the benefits of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Private storage is particularly important for families in which there is a history of hereditary disease or the possibility of a genetically-transferred propensity to certain illnesses.

Now, CarePilot, located on the web at , is making harvesting and storage of umbilical cord blood possible for thousands of families that might not otherwise have access to this important technology. CarePilot offers two, six and 21-year storage plans at deep discounts from the standard rates offered by Cord for Life. Clients can save as much as $1,250 on a long-term storage plan that will keep the baby's cord blood useable throughout childhood and into adulthood. This represents a savings of 30 percent over average costs for this procedure and storage.

By offering savings on cord blood harvesting and storage, CarePilot makes it possible for more families to utilize this potentially life-saving technique and protect their children's future. For more information, see

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CarePilot is a company that offers complete cord blood harvesting and storage solutions at reasonable rates to allow families to take advantage of this technology.

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