Toronto, Ontario; 16, December 2014: Every pet owner has been there. You are getting your pet ready for a visit to the veterinarian and as the everything moves along your animal becomes more and more anxious. As you walk into the clinic your dog or cat starts to panic and as you put them onto the exam table, more often than not, you feel a little bit bad for putting your companion through the whole process for a yearly check-up. This is not the case for patients of Dr. Tina Chou, founder of Toronto Mobile Veterinary Services.

Dr. Chou and her team have a unique philosophy of veterinary medicine. She believes in a more holistic approach combined with the procedures of conventional medicine. She has worked within clinical settings and is held in high esteem among the owners, and the patients, for her home-visit model, which is gaining popularity very quickly. Dr. Chou believes that both animals and owners are less stressed in the home-visits in contrast to the clinical setting. An expert in her field, she is fully equipped to bring better health to pets throughout the city.

Dr. Chou works closely with a technical team and has access to clinical settings for surgeries and other types of procedural care such as intravenous therapy and microchipping.

‘For most care we find that we can do it in the family’s home. We believe that the more relaxed the pet is the better they will respond to our care team and the better the experience will be as a whole. Animals are often most comfortable within their own environment and this will lead to a better response to treatment and our preventative-care approach.’

Toronto Mobile Veterinary Services isn’t just about the animals though. There are many individuals who will also benefit from their services such as owners who are experiencing mental and physical disabilities or those without transport and cannot get to a clinic. ‘This model really serves a greater purpose than just making sure animals are healthy. It serves everybody and that is why we decided to start this project in this first place. There are many humans who are cared for by pets and sometimes access to care for the animals is hard to find. This is especially true in the case of someone who uses a therapy dog, for example.’

Dr. Chou and the Toronto Mobile Veterinary Services are available in the GTA and will provide prompt, ethical, affordable and caring services to animals in need in a way that will put their owners worries at rest.

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