10, October 2015: To obtain trust amongst their consumers and bring back stability to the economy, global financial institutions face a number of hurdles to overcome. Notably there are increased pressures on regulations such and raising the required capital for the liquidity requirements set out within, consumer protection acts, a strengthened focus on the prevention of financial crimes while the impact on crucial business functions is likely to be varied.

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- The report provides a detailed overview of regulatory initiatives taken by governments and regulatory bodies across the world in the past few years.
- It provides an insight into emerging regulations.
- It provides a regional analysis of retail banking regulations and their impacts on banks operating in their respective regions.
- It provides insights into the impact of regulatory developments on banks’ key business lines and corporate structures.

- It analyzes key operational and technological trends among banking institutions as a result of evolving regulatory dynamics and business environments.
- It discusses the current and future outlook of the retail banking industry and its product classes as a result of these regulations
- Outlines the market opportunities and challenges for retail banks due to changing regulatory landscape

Reasons To Read
- Gain insights into various regulatory developments that have taken place across different markets to combat rising money-laundering activity.
- Analyze the challenges on the business operations of retail banking institutions due to these regulatory developments.
- Assess the impact of these regulations on the global economy and financial system, and how financial institutions have been taking initiatives to deal with these changes.

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