Amy Scott Grant, a Colorado bestselling author and spiritual healer, launched a crowdfunding campaign this week on in an effort to raise $6407 for her new do-it-yourself spiritual healing book.

Castle Rock, CO — Grant says that funds raised will be used to publish and promote the book, but what’s unusual about this crowdfunding campaign is that she doesn’t need the money. “I could publish this book myself, as I’ve done with all of my prior projects,” says Grant. “But this book is different. It’s special. This is a book that can change the world and I launched this campaign to find more people like me, people who are committed to changing the world, not just talking about what’s wrong with it. This is about getting people involved, having them put some skin in the game.”

The book, as of yet unwritten and unnamed, is a non-fiction how-to book that will teach readers how to perform their own energy healings. Grant has extensive experience in this area, as she’s served as a Master Intuitive Healer for the past decade, and has personally healed more than ten thousand individuals of their most oppressive blocks and limiting beliefs.

According to Grant and her growing community of followers, the ability to produce breakthrough results in any area of life comes down to one thing: clarity. “What matters most is getting clear, which doesn’t only mean having a moment of clarity — it also means clearing those blocks and obstacles that are in your mind, in your body, in your energy field, and in your way. When you get clear, you get results.”

Clients and students of Grant’s report a wide array of results ranging from fixing money problems to resolving health issues to changing careers to finding “the one.” Grant’s ability to clear blocks permanently is what paves the way for success with her students and clients, and she views this book as a way to bring clearing work to the world. After all, not everyone can afford to hire Grant at $550 per hour.

The Indiegogo campaign is already showing impressive results. In just the first few days, Grant raised over $1,100, which reflects eighteen percent (18%) of her goal. Eighty percent of Indiegogo campaigns fail to raise even twenty-five percent (25%) of their goal, yet Grant has just gotten started, with thirty-seven days remaining until her deadline.

“I’ve been keeping my eye on the whole crowdfunding movement,” Grant comments. “The most impressive thing about it is that it rallies people around a common goal, a shared purpose. That’s why I knew I had to use Indiegogo to launch my next book. This book will succeed because the people are ready for real and lasting change, and I believe enough of us are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.”

Indiegogo campaigns offer various “perks” to those who contribute, and Grant is offering a variety of perks, starting with a digital copy of the book in exchange for a $10 contribution. Other perks of interest include signed first-edition hard copies of the book, personal energy readings, and access to the new “Clearing of the Month Club.” Every person who participates at the $10 level or higher also receives access to Grant’s secret Facebook mastermind community.

To learn more about the book, the perks, and to share your support, visit the book’s Indiegogo campaign where you can contribute and join Grant’s “change the world” community:

About Amy Scott Grant
Always passionate, occasionally brash, yet never mainstream, Master Intuitive Healer and bestselling author Amy Scott Grant calls it like she sees it in every situation. Amy is a highly sought after healer, mentor and speaker, as well as the creator of numerous self-help and spiritual audio programs, ecourses, and books. She is known for permanently clearing blocks, doubts, fears and limiting beliefs and helping people to achieve rapid breakthrough results through clarity.

Amy’s writings have been published far and wide, including the bestselling book by Dr. Joe Vitale and Craig Perrine, “Inspired Marketing,” the acclaimed “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction,” and the #2 bestselling book “Change Agents,” featuring Brian Tracy. For more information, visit

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