Many men prefer an experience woman, and makes these casual connections easy.

Worldwide, October, 2016—While the social norm may be for women to date an older man, this simply isn’t what every man and woman is looking for. Many men prefer a mature and experienced woman, a confidant woman who knows exactly what she wants—and isn’t afraid to ask for the pleasure she desires. On the flipside, many younger men are frustrated with the youthful insecurities of women their age, and are searching for a woman who has no need to play games.

“Our goal is to help younger men and older women connect with the partner, both casual dating and relationships,” said a Representative  of, “in a community where they are free of the often judgmental social norms.”

Mature women tend to have more stamina than partners their age, making dating or having a casual encounter with a younger man highly rewarding. Men have a natural tendency to please, and younger men are open minded, and far more comfortable with a woman exerting her power.

Many young men simply don’t know where to find cougars, and women who prefer not to limit their dating options by age—often don’t know where to look. As a dedicated cougar dating site, younger men can connect with older women from around the world. This cougar dating website has singles of all cultures, interests, and demographics. offers all of the same features as popular dating websites, but is geared towards those wondering where to find cougars—and cougars searching for the cubs they want to connect with. Enrollment if free, and setting up a user profiles takes just minutes.

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Liza Cardoza