09, July 2015: Flipbuilder’s Flip PDF Professional is a product that utilizes the latest in HTML5 technology to product page turning flipbooks, catalogs, pamphlets, and presentations. The company provides both downloadable versions of their product and online services. Their online catalog maker and PDF pamphlet converters are a great for holiday promotions, and will enable small businesses to showcase their products in an attractive way.

“Businesses begin their holiday warm up as early as July,” explains Anna Lee Marketing Director for Flipbuilder. “We wanted to get the word out on both our free tool and our various price packages so that businesses have more options available to them for their holiday promotions. Being able to create attractive catalogs and presentations on their products can increase both visibility and trust in their brand.”

FlipBuilder's catalog maker is an innovative software tool for people to create distinctive product catalogs in digital format. The digital page flipping catalog will give old customers a pleasant surprise and a fresh experience, while at the same time helping to attract new ones.

“A digital page flip catalog is able to express more detailed information through text, image, audio, video, and flash animation than a static webpage or even a FLASH slideshow,” says Lee. “If you want to give your customers a tailored, professional-looking catalog that's on par with high end stores, then Flipbuilder is the product for you.”

Flipbuilder online has a drop and drag catalog creator that has a free version that stores can experiment with or that may be sufficient for small businesses who have fewer products and lines to put on display. There is also a downloadable version and enterprise for large firms who are in the digital publishing business or are a larger chain of stores that need a more robust and dynamic tool set to create their holiday line.

For more information, visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/free-catalog-maker-software.html

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