Catch the twin bullies take on their grandmother on BIG MAGIC Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan
Tarawanti and Chandu indulge in a hilarious nok-jhok this Friday 08th August at 8pm
In the upcoming episode of BIG MAGIC’s Uff.. Yeh Nadaniyaan, viewers have an entertaining treat in store for them with the new entrants in the show. The constant bickering between the bossy mother-in-law and the insightful daughter-in-law lead to hilarious situations, that are sure to delight the fans. Catch yet another side splitting episode with the Nadaans on BIG MAGIC’s Uff! Yeh Naaniyaan on 08th August at 8pm
Stepping in as the patriarch of the family, Tarawanti has a difference in opinion on every matter with her daughter-in-law, Chandni, especially the upbringing of her grandsons. When Chandni discovers that her kids have been bullying other children at school and observes Tarawanti’s nonchalant attitude about the same, she fears that that her mother-in-law is being negligent in teaching her kids the right thing to do. Hilarity ensues when Nandu is given the onus of putting the situation right. What remains to be seen is whether Tarawanti will accept her mistake and understand the importance of moral values or will the twin’s will end up having their way out every time.
Uff! Yeh Nadaniyaan revolves around the Verma family whose conversations and situations promise to keep viewers in splits. A righteous mother, self-proclaimed writer, a ditsy wife clumsy younger brother and two conniving twins; each with their own unique perspective of life constantly land each other in amusing situations with plenty of misunderstandings, crazy pranks and comic characters. Full of fun and masti, Uff! Yeh Nadaniyaan airs at 8pm, Monday — Friday on BIG MAGIC.
Watch this entertaining episode of Nadaniyaan on 08thAugust 2014 at 8pm only on BIG Magic

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