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Tubal Ligation: A Permanent Solution To Birth Control

Tubal ligation surgery is basically a surgical form of sterilization in women. It is a permanent sterilization procedure; the surgeons basically blocking of the fallopian tubes by different procedures like tying, attaching or sealing a ring or a clip. Fallopian tubes are components of the female reproductive system that plays a vital role in carrying […]

Health and Happiness with Indian Med Guru

Indian Med Guru is a pioneer medical tourism consultant of India with the largest network of experienced and skilled medical professionals and top hospitals with state-of-art treatment facilities. Currently India has become a desired destination for patients around the world to get the best treatment facilities at a very reasonable cost. There are many reasons […]

Best treatment facilities with top Neurosurgeons in Bangalore

20/12/2019, Neurosurgeon Bangalore: The availability of the excellent medical and surgical facilities in Bangalore, it has become a desired medical destination offering top-notch neurosurgery treatment in India. People from other parts of the world come to this country to avail of the international standard treatment facilities at a much cheaper cost.  Overseas patients from less […]

Advanced Robotic surgeries to cure patient faster without any complication

11/12/2019, Delhi: Robotic surgery is an advanced surgical technology conducted using robotic help or computer assistance. With the advancement of robot-assisted surgical procedures, the limitation of minimally-invasive surgical procedures has resolved, which has enhanced the capabilities of surgeons to perform critical surgeries through small incisions. Where it is a robotic knee surgery or transoral robotic […]

Best Offer for Mommy makeover surgery in India on This Christmas

After delivery, many mommies have to deal with obesity-related health issues, such as excess weight gain, deformed and bulky tummy, excess fat around waist area, back pain, depressions, and many more.  It becomes very difficult to lose weight and get a fit body. And sometimes after weight-loss, the tummy area does not reshape properly. In […]

Affordable stem cell transplant to recover from Leukaemia

29/11/2019, Delhi: Stem cell transplantation or bone marrow transplant is a treatment procedure in which the damaged stem cells of a patient are replaced with healthy stem cells. The stem cells have unique properties that allow them to divide continuously and produce different types of blood cells; these newly formed cells replace the older and worn-out blood cells […]