United States; 02, December 2014: Catherine Colle is pleased to announce the global launch of Midway International Labs’ latest brand for women, “Glamour Nutrition.” It is a revolutionary new line of supplements, specially formulated for women featuring a wide variety of products meant for weight loss, hair, nails and skin. The products comprise of innovative, safe, natural and ultra-concentrated beautifying FDA approved ingredients, which deliver optimum result within a short period of time.

Catherine Colle

After leading the entire production and product development for Midway Labs USA, Catherine Colle finally launched her latest groundbreaking line of women’s supplements that feature a comprehensive range of products, which work from within and deliver a long-lasting beauty. Unlike other supplements available in the market, these products are backed by the scientific and clinical trials, and have been created using the most advanced and precision engineered ingredients. Besides, one of their products is so effective that it works even while one is fast asleep. In other words, Glamour Nutrition is a brand with lots of character and of course glamour! Their list of products include “Glamour Protein”, “Glamour Fat Burner”, “Glamour Anti-Age”, “Glamour Beauty Sleep”, “Glamour Hair, Skin and Nails”, “Lean Machine” to name a few.

Glamour Nutrition

Since Glamour Nutrition is Midway International Labs’ newest brand, one can rest assured of the quality of the products.

For more information, simply visit: http://glamournutrition.com/

About Catherine Colle:

Catherine Colle is the CEO and Founder of Glamour Nutrition, a newly launched women’s supplements brand, which is a part of Midway International Labs. She is a gifted individual who started working at the nutritional supplement industry, when she was just 14 years old. Today at 23, she is South America’s favorite nutritional expert, and a successful business woman and entrepreneur who has successfully completed several projects throughout South America.

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