USA — While CDs are still part of the world of digital music and audio, they are visibly on the way out. As is the case with any technological transition, most of one’s favourite music and audio is invariably stuck on a clunky CD, making it nigh impossible to share with others. The problem with using any conversion software is that it poses the risk of a below par output in general, and at worst, puts one’s personal computer at risk from unwanted malware. Here is where the free CDA to AC3 converter comes to the rescue.

The term ‘free’ in this case stands for more than just the fact that the user need not pay for downloads. What is more is that there are no pesky signups to go through. The AC3 format is a high fidelity format that is used typically to play Dolby sound. In other words, assured high quality. AC3 also plays on DVDs and Blu Ray and several other formats.

The interface is simple and straightforward and in this case, function trumps over form. The entire process of conversion is no more than a drag-drop-convert affair. The software tool also offers the additional functionality of multiple simultaneous conversions. The user can therefore select multiple files, organize or arrange them in the order of his choice, choose the destination folder and let the software do its job in a few minutes.

Owing to the assuredly high quality of audio output on conversion, this is the software of choice for anyone with a home theatre system, who wish to free their music and audio for a more immersive experience.

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The CDA to AC3 converter is a freeware developed by a trusted company that provides high fidelity audio output on conversion.

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