USA — Computers and devices that run on Windows are a norm almost all over the world. And audio on Windows is experienced best in the WMA format, which is a flagship of Windows. And for those who wish to listen to their favorite music, which is still stored in CDs, the CDA to WMA converter is an essential software conversion tool.

CDA is the format in which audio is stored in CDs. Compared to this format, the WMA format of windows raises the listening experience. Another advantage is that this format also supports multiple formats.

This light weight application is a freeware in every sense of the term. It can be downloaded free of cost and there are no hidden charges or costs. What is more is that it is extremely adaptable and can run on any device that runs a Windows operating system. It is also a freeware in the sense that it sets the users’ music free, allowing the tracks to be transferred and enjoyed in literally any mobile device or media player effortlessly.

The free CDA to WMA converter can well be the first choice of conversion software for those who require a loss free system of conversion. An added feature of this device is that it cuts down the time users spend in converting the files. It allows simultaneous conversion of multiple files. All that the user needs to do is download the software, which is a matter of a few minutes at most, and then browse through their folders and choose the files they wish to convert. Once the list is ready, all that the user needs to do is sort the tracks into files in priority and delete those that, on second thought, are not required. Album details, artist info, names, etc, can all be altered and modified simply and in few easy steps. Finally, with just the click of a button, multiple files will be converted automatically on a matter of minutes, depending on their size.

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The CDA to WMA converter is a free, simple, robust and safe conversion software that converts audio files from CDA format into WMA format.

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