Urban Men’s Quarterly Magazine On Path To Become An Iconic Men’s Publication

May 12, 2013. Detroit, Michigan - Cedric Poole an accomplished Digital Artist and Designer recently launched the upscale Urban Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine www.umqmag.com.  Mr. Poole is a much sought after graphic artist who has worked with several notable clients and brands including NFL Wide Receiver Nate Burleson, Reality Star Kenya Bell, Fashion Designer William Malcolm and the United Nations. Cedric Poole created the URBAN MEN’S QUARTERLY (UMQ) magazine so that he could highlight and showcase the “Urban Gentlemen” in a unique and distinct fashion

"Today’s urban culture is very diverse and it crosses and influences all forms of media and popular culture throughout the world. Against the backdrop of the bustling city, we often find the new age urban male entrenched in a world that merges the grittiness of hip-hop, with the maturity of contemporary style” said Cedric Poole owner and Managing Editor of UMQ Magazine.  “I intend to showcase all forms of this complex male in my magazine. We are as much Hip Hop as we are Jazz and Classical Music. We are dynamic men; men that are as comfortable wearing bespoke suits and wingtips on Friday and Levis and Jays on Saturday".

The mission of URBAN MEN’S QUARTERLY is to provide a platform for artists, entertainers and businessmen who are not afraid of letting their passions and culture drive them individually and collectively towards greatness. UMQ distinct goals are to become an iconic culturally trendsetting publication. That will deliver to its readers the latest news and features that showcases art, entertainment, politics, fashion, urban culture and lifestyle. The publication produces creative content for both its online and print mediums. That consistently engages its audience while simultaneously creating an integrated marketing environment that provokes consumer action.

Urban Men’s Quarterly is trendsetting in that it has redefined the new standard amongst the urban magazine genre. UMQ magazine seeks to remain relevant to its emerging demographic of urban professionals in which it was created (mid 20 to mid-40 year old urban men).  It does so while also appealing to its varied listing of diverse advertisers that seek to align themselves with the purchasing collateral of Urban America.

The thought provoking and equally edgy contented magazine boosts several editorial departments such as The Sweet Lyfe, Turnt Up and Kultured to name just a few.  This content has destined UMQ as the magazine that will bring the excitement back into the urban genre of print and online periodicals.

If you wish to learn more about Urban Men’s Quarterly Magazine and its partnership opportunities or to schedule an interview with a member of its staff please visit their website www.umqmag.com  or contact them by one of their social media outlets

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Press Contact
Cedric Poole
Owner and Editor-in-Chief
Detroit, MI
[email protected]