Celebmeasurement.com, a popular site that publishes facts and unique information associated to the daily activity or lifestyles of celebs has recently published the details about the most popularly hyped about celeb; Kim kardashain. Kim is known to be one of the most voluptuous celeb out there and a lot of women are dying to know the secrets of a hot curvy body as that of Kim’s’. According to the information provided on the site, this has been one of the reasons why the experts of Celebmeasurement.com have finally come up with Kim Kardashian’s measurements after much research.

According to the information provided on the site, Kim kardashian’s body measurement is 34D-26-39(bra size, bust, waist, hips). The experts however say that kim has undoubtedly gone under the knife to get such body measurements. She has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to create such body curve with extended hip and big butt. She got buttock implants and breast implants. Her butt became bigger while her breast size also turned bigger into D cup. The butt implant made her hips size increase to 39.

According to the information provided by experts on the site, even if Kim kardashian is widely talked about to be so plastic because of the multiple surgeries, a lot of people still love her. A lot of people consider Kim to be one of the sexiest women on earth. In 2010, Kim was listed among the hottest women in the world in the list of askmen.

The site also provides information regarding body measurements about many other celebs. While there are many celebs with a natural body shape, there are also many celebs with unnatural body shape which is a result of the plastic surgery. For more information please visit http://celebmeasurement.com/kim-kardashian-measurements/

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