Celebrating Navaratri with &TV artists

Navaratri, the festival dedicated to worship of Goddess Durga has just started. As everyone in the country are trying to put on their traditional best we caught up with the actors of &TV on their fond memory related to the festival and their plans for this Navaratri.

RatanRajpoota.k.aSantoshi from SantoshiMaa

Back in school, during Navaratriwe used to get a 10 day holiday. So once we all went to Kolkata and I witnessed the DurgaPooja for the very first time. And I still have vivid memories of it, eating the delicious food, visiting various pandals. I have been to Vadodara once. I love the way people do the garba as I don’t know even one step.Be it Navaratri or not, I listen to DurgaSaptashati every day in the morning.

Shefali Sharmaa.k.aVijaya from Tere Bin

Navaratri is a festival of divinity. Nav means nine and ratri means night, so basically 9 nights of festivity celebration and divinity. I hail from Punjab and there we hardly have Navaratri festivals, so my experience with Navaratri is very limited. And in Mumbai I am always busy with shoots. I am planning to go for Ramleela if I get a day off as my husband and his family have been in association with devotees coming from Vrindavan who perform it.Apart from them I have heard a lot about Falguni Pathak so would love to go and attend her program.When I think of Navaratri, the only song that immediately comes to my mind is Dholi taro dholfrom Hum Dil De ChukeSanam!


Gaurav Khannaa.k.a Akshay from Tere Bin

I used to go forNavaratriin my home town when I was in school and college and it was great fun. Then started going as celebrity once I became an actor. I am happy being part of this transition. I like the colors and the energy you get to see on these Navaratrigatherings. It’s awesome and nice.

KhushbooTawdea.k.aNandini from Tere Bin

Navaratri is very close to me. I was studying in Ahmedabad for 3 years so I have celebrated Navaratri in Gujarat for 3 years and it’s a lot of fun. I enjoy playing dandiya and garba. As a kid I found it very difficult to catch the garba beats. I remember practicing for an entire week and then join the friends group to match their level. I only know the songs been remixed and played during dandiya and one of my favorite is PARI HU MAI

Ruhana Khannaa.k.a Krishna from Gangaa

I used to go to temple with my nani,dadi and mom during Navaratri when I was in Delhi.This year I’m shooting here in Mumbai so not much plans. I like to do dandiya on every song so there's no one particular, I like all of them.

Rohitash Gauda.k.aManmohan Tiwari from BhabiJiGhar Par Hai

I hail from Chandigarh, so we used to celebrate Navaratri in a big way and do Pooja every year. If I get a day off from my show “BhabiJiGhar Par Hai” I would love to go along with my family and visit Shimla as I have recently purchased a house.

ShubhangiAtrea.k.aAngoori from BhabiJiGhar Par Hai

My maasi lives in Rajkot so once we visited her during Navaratri when I was a teenager. And I still remember that experience as we used to play dandiya till 3 am in the morning! I love all the traditional festivals that we celebrate and Navaratri is one my favourites.

Saumya Tandon a.k.a Anita from BhabiJiGhar Par Hai

When I was in school in Ujjain, our city used to have Navaratri celebrations all over. I as a teenager remember going to see my elder sister's friend’s dance. The songs played were same played every year and they are still the same. 'Pankhida' song I remember the most. Also I remember getting a best face female award in one of the club celebrations. That was a super big day for me. I was the star of the evening and my family made me feel as if I got the title of Miss World. (Laughs)

Prince Narulaa.k.aLakha from BadhoBahu

I have visited Gujarat last year and I loved the ambience and the way they celebrate Navratri. I love playing Dandiya and I hope this year I get a day off from shoot!

RytashaRathorea.k.aBadho from BadhoBahu

My favouriteNavaratri memory is when I went for Dandiya in Singapore. It was my first year of college and I was very homesick. But luckily my roommate found out about a Navaratri event and we went there. It was super fun!! Lots of Indians were there but also Chinese and Malay people. It was so multicultural and amazing.My grandparents live in Navsari which is very near Surat. So I've obviously visited Gujarat. It's a crazy atmosphere. It's like a party for 9 nights in a row. And it's so festive and energetic. I love it.


Akshay Dograa.k.aJagan from Waaris

I absolutely enjoy the food that's made during Navaratri. The moment Navaratri start it is the beginning of the festival season. For me the festivities begin from this point. Meeting friends, taking little holidays, preparing feasts. Also, it is my son's first time seeing all of this, it'll be interesting to see how the little one reacts to all of it. I have visited Gujarat during Navaratri and the energy in Gujarat is unbelievable. People take their garba really seriously. I've been to Ahmedabad and Mehsana as well and the whole city comes out to celebrate! I like the Kai poche song, Shubhaarambh, it has the right tempo and energy.


Aarti Singha.k.aAmba from Waaris

During my childhood, I used to go to everyone's house in Lucknow as I love Puja KaKhana and also the gifts. This year I am fasting on the first and last day of Navaratri. I do Pooja in my make-up room. I love the song‘Arti bhorbhaye din chad Gaya Meriambe’.


Sugandha Mishra seen as host on The Voice India Kids

My family keeps a fast for all 9 days and we celebrate "naumi" by serving food to 9 kanjikaas (baby girls) by giving them thali decorated with matakenavshingaari.e, bangles, nail paints,mata rani ki red chunni, black cholepuri, etc. When I was a kid I used to go to neighbors’ place for ashmati and naumipooja. This year I am performing in Mumbai withabhijeet da in the great singers pandaal. Also will be performing at bappida'snaumi celebration. I love the song ‘SanedoSanedo’ and ‘Mehenditewawi’.