LittlestKit, a company specializes in Baby Goods, announced a discount on their newly launched Silicone Infant Spoon Set on Thursday June 9, 2016. The spoons that are available through Amazon were launched a month earlier and will be on a launching sale of 35% bringing the price to US$12.95 from it's retail price of US$19.99. The sale starts on June 9, 2016 and is expected to last for the whole month of June 2016

Elizabeth Adams, the spokesperson for LittlestKit commented, "We are very proud and excited to bring our product to the world and we stand by its superior quality. Our mission is to bring safe and non-toxic utensils for infant use offering a healthier and safer alternative to toxic plastics that is widely known to leach toxic chemicals into food and drinks. We think that offering a good discount will make the price more attractive and more importantly reach a much wider audience. The introductory sale perfectly echoes our launch in May and the sale will be from June 9 to June 30, 2016. We are very confident that the customers will be happy with the quality of our baby spoons and especially appreciate the softness and smooth feature of the spoon tips. We will obviously be very happy to see these silicone spoons reach more babies as their parents make the switch from especially plastic spoons as our spoons are BPA-Free."

According to Adams, LittlestKit Silicone Infant Spoons are exclusively available through the Amazon website and the product listing has recently been updated to reflect the current sale of 35% off of it's retail price.

About Company:
LittlestKit produces LittlestKit Silicone Infant Spoon Set designed for use as early as First Stage Feeding.

Business Name: LittlestKit
City: New York
State: New York
Zip: 1003-1502
Country: United States
Phone Number: +1 (917) 677 7 776
Contact Name: Elizabeth Adams
Contact E-mail: [email protected]