Celebridge, a New York City based internet technology company, launches a new $1.2 million promotional giveaway campaign focused on the company's effort to create an unique yet exciting online social experience for its customers.

“We announce huge giveaway to all excited about our company. 5000 fans who will send to us within next month a drawing, sketch, an illustration or one page essay showing their envision and dream of Celebridge, will have a chance to receive one year of highest level subscription on Celebridge amounting to $240, we encourage each and every one of you to make use of your creativity and imagination and give us an idea about our company in the coming years.”,  company's official  page says.

“This will be a joyful experience for us - to closely interact with thousands of our fans all over the globe who has been patiently awaiting our launch. We are happy to have a chance to deeper understand their expectations while rewarding most active of them with free yearly access to our platform.”, company's CEO Gregory Murmylyuk has said.

About Celebridge: Celebridge is a stealth mode internet start up company that has created a revolutionary technology, which will  allow celebrities to most effectively yet effortlessly realize their tremendous fundraising potential while better connecting with their fans.

Company: Celebridge Inc.
Website:  http://celebridge.com/
Company Address: 200 Park Ave, Ste 170, New York City, NY 10017
Media Contact: Diana Gregory  [email protected]  646-858-6185