With its interactive tool to put outfits together and amazing designer looks at a discount for all women, TheFrontRow.studio keeps it streamlined, keeps it real, and keeps it simplistically stylish.

Become your own stylist?

New York City, NY - February 20, 2016 - Who hasn’t wished they had a stylist on tap to pull together a flawless wardrobe? Until now, that perk was reserved solely for the rich and famous - the ones with access to “the front row.”  But now, thanks to an insightful industry pro focused on giving every woman a glamorous seat of their own, a new website turns the tables.  It features an interactive tool- MIX & MATCH that assures you’ll look the part in well-designed high quality range of fashion pieces and basics.
The brand is only in four colors-Black, Greys, Ivorys and Taupes to encourage you to dress tonally for a slimmer look, or to mix and match. These colors are the most flattering to woman-Liegey states that variations of the colors will change ,but not the premise of 4 colors.

What makes the The Front Row brand of clothing so unique is the fit. Our expert pattern makers have engineered each style with a unique curve so that it looks flattering on you and sets you up for your walk on the runway. The site will offer a proprietary algorithm and technology that uses a simple 2-step process to gauge your exact size so you can be sure you are purchasing the correct size the first time. With The Front Row you get the perfect fit on every style every time!

Kate Liegey, Co-Founder of The Front Row, says, “The goal of our brand and site is to feature amazing high-end product at affordable prices and sizes that are never separated into categories. Our brand aesthetic is modern and fresh, and of course we refuse to make women feel like they have to be a certain size to look beautiful. With sizes from extra small to double extra large and 2-24, everyone gets to choose from the same clothing and everyone’s size and unique curves are celebrated. Our innovative fit technology and Mix and Match makes this site not only original and effective, but fun and engaging.”

Another original feature to the site is the highly addictive Mix & Match that puts you in the design seat and allows you to create your look and outfits. With just a few clicks you can create your own custom look and even post it to Pinterest for the world to see! The Front Row’s Mix & Match feature is a new fun way to shop online.

Keeping her finger on the pulse of the ever emerging ecommerce market, Liegey (who has launched many celebrity brands) and her partner have pulled together a team of innovators, web developers, merchandisers, designers, fit experts and the most ethical factories with over a 15 year proven track record on fit and quality.  Calling their fit “the curve” the site’s designers assure that all styles will fit all body types; curves are built in to compliment every woman’s shape.  The Front Row’s fit technology gauges the correct size and the Mix and Match technology is employed to present products that best work with your own fit and style.

Natashia Miyazaki, the V.P. of Design for The Front Row adds, “Our clothing style is modern and cool with designer looks at affordable prices.  We focus on the core colors that you want and always wear so everything on the site is forward but relevant. Of course, all of our colors are dyed to match or compliment each other perfectly, and our fabrics are of the highest quality.  For instance, we have “eco-cashmere “which is a beautiful cashmere grown in the grasslands of Mongolia.  It’s completely natural with no dyes or chemicals.  Come and see; there’s so many great options on http://www.thefrontrow.studio

The Front Row has reinvented online shopping and you need to experience it for yourself- take your seat at The Front Row!

For more information visit http://www.thefrontrow.studio.

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