18, August 2015: CelebrityABC is an online portal to hours of entertainment and informative news about one’s favorite celebrities. Surgical procedures are extremely popular among today’s masses and a little enhancement can go a long way. With the aim of offering a source of inspiration to readers who are contemplating getting a plastic surgery procedure done, this website dedicates an entire section to the plastic surgeries that have been undertaken by some of the most famous celebrities. These articles are extremely informative to the readers as they can then get a clear picture of whether it would also work for them or not.

The Celebrity hairstyles section is an extremely fun and entertaining section where different hairstyles of various celebs are discussed including the phases of popular celebrities’ hairstyles. It is an excellent place to get more information of the most current hairstyling trends and which hairstyle one should opt for if they would like to look like a particular celebrity. The sections boasts of some of the most well known faces in Hollywood and the different hairstyles they have donned in their entire career so far. This can be an excellent resource for someone who is looking to change their hairstyle and would love to look like their favorite celebrity.

The final section called Celebrity Net Worth gives detailed information on the money that the most popular celebrities rake in by way of the work they do. This section helps give readers a fair insight into the lives of their favorite celebrities and how much their fame is equivalent in monetary terms. Some of the mosts popular celebrities included in this section include the evergreen Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Tom Brady, Mike Tyson and the likes. Therefore, this website features a healthy mix of celebs from all areas of the entertainment industry including singers, songwriters, actors, reality TV stars and even sports personalities.

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