Leinfelden Echterdingen, Germany — Stanislav Rurik, an independent distributor of JUCHHEIM Cosmetics, launches his website called Cellulite Treatment that features top-selling skin care products by the Germany-based manufacturer. Visitors can find a wide range of best-selling items by JUCHHEIM Cosmetics designed to enhance one's external beauty without adverse side effects to the health. The website serves as a one-stop-shop for these scientifically-proven cosmetic products, as well as a source of information on the featured items.

"Our main goal is to deliver to our audience quality skin care products that we personally believe in," says Stanislav Rurik, owner of Cellulite Treatment. "We feature best-sellers by JUCHHEIM Cosmetics including a breakthrough cellulitis treatment ByeByeCellulite, which revives the skin's overall appearance and eliminates uneven texture and unsightly dimpling. It contains nothing but natural ingredients free from parabens, hormones, and paraffins that are proven to help get rid of cellulite. The cream is also 100 percent vegan, and no animals were harmed throughout the development and manufacturing processes," he added.

Dr. Jürgen Juchheim, the genius behind this brand of skin care products, is a practicing physician in Munich for more than 35 years. He specializes in aesthetic medicine, immunology, and regenerative medicine. Bye Bye Cellulite features a unique synergistic interaction of science, exquisite ingredients, and craftsmanship to provide visible results to one's skin. With daily use, one can observe a noticeable improvement to the skin's texture and quality in a period of 28 days. This cellulite treatment cream delivers every individual's desire to attain external beauty without undesirable effects to one's inner well-being.

About Cellulite Treatment
Cellulite Treatment is an online resource where visitors can choose from a selection of JUCHHEIM Cosmetic products that are available for purchase. Founded by Stanislav Rurik, it provides educational pieces of information about the featured items on the website. In addition to these, there are sections on how to become a JUCHHEIM Cosmetics distributor, as well as comprehensive details on the ins and outs of the Reward Plan. Cellulite Treatment also highlights Bye Bye Cellulite, which is its best-selling product. This German-made cellulite treatment cream has achieved the highest production standards of the prestigious "Deutsche Kosmertikverordnung". It has been featured on the media including abc, NBC, Fox Business, ESPN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Stanislav Rurik
Office Address: Rohrer Str. 176 70771 Leinfelden Echterdingen Germany
Office Telephone Numbers: +49 176 70609653
Email Address: [email protected]
Web: Address: http://cellulitetreatment.eu