Before moving into a new home, it is essential that home owners ensure that there is not an underground oil tank buried somewhere on the property. Older homes, ones that have not had a recent changeover of owners (if they have, then the issue of the oil tank would have already been resolved) will more than likely be in possession of one of these tanks. Once useful, these tanks can have serious environmental damage and, thus, have become illegal to maintain on a property to be sold to new owners.

However, the issue of removal is another matter entirely. While important in and of itself to remove the oil tank, doing so improperly could have financial and environmental results far worse than if it had not been removed at all. There are strict codes that must be followed, licenses to be purchased, and procedures for removal which are difficult to understand. All this leads to the valid conclusion that a professional removal service needs to be consulted on the occasion that an oil tank requires removal. However, deciding what professional service that ought to be is another matter entirely.

One must consider length of time in industry, perks for customers, how well-rated it is amongst other customers, and the price it will cost for removal. When all these factors have been considered, there is really only one company which rises above the rest in all categories and, with their help, removal will be easy and stress-free.

Underground oil tanks first of all are nearly impossible to discover without professional help, as they are buried with the intent of not being seen.

For this reason, calling in professional oil tank removal services at such as CERC oil tank removal is a necessity. CERC has the helpful quality of offering free, no obligation estimates for home owners, so they are able not only to decipher whether or not there is actually an underground oil tank on their property but also what it will cost them for oil tank removal at Though there are many companies dedicated to oil tank removal in North Vancouver at , CERC is the best to head toward for the highest customer service and satisfaction guarantee. They not only provide quality oil tank removal services ( ), but they also offer full WCB Coverage and general liability for families. By providing this risk financing, CERC protects the families investing in oil tank removal ( ) from any sort of lawsuits involving said oil tank.

Even if families do not intend to move homes at the current time, it is always the right time to invest in oil tank removal ( ) because the longer the tank is allowed to lie in the ground, the longer it will continue to corrode and cause environmental damage, creating a ripple effect of destruction. This heightened degree of destruction may also cost the owner of the oil tank in terms of having to pay fines for the damage.

If damage can be prevented, then it should be prevented. By this line of logic, there is no harm in going to CERC as soon as possible to receive from them a free and obligation-less estimate of oil tank removal and deciding whether it is indeed the time to make proactive decision to remove the underground tank.

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