Offering comprehensive CFD services for Aero/Fluid/Hydrodynamics Analysis, CFD Modeling and Finite Element consulting at affordable rates!

CFD Outsourcing is leading CFD services provider offering consulting to enhance Product development life-cycle, Reduce material use and Optimize your resources using CFD testing. We have clients in North Carolina and across USA. Learn more at

Our Portfolio include the following:
• CFD analysis services
• CFD Consulting
• Real-time Testing & Optimization
• Aerodynamics Analysis
• Hydrodynamics Analysis
• Airfoil/Hydrofoil Simulations
• Fluid Structure Interaction
• CFD simulation using CFX/Solidworks/ANSYS/Fluent
• Finite Element (FEA) Analysis
• CFD Thermal analysis
• Transient/Turbulence Modeling
• UDF Customization
• Gas/Liquid Flow Modeling
• Other CFD services

Industry projects - we can be help of:
• Oil & Gas
• Turbo-machinery
• Flow Mechanisms
• Military & Defense
• Aviation/Aerospace
• Consumer Products
• Automotive
• Product Manufacturing

Software expertise: Cosmos, CFX, LS-Dyna, ANSYS, Fluent, Solidworks, FEMAP, CFDesign

We have years of experience in resolving complex engineering problems related to liquid and gas fluid flows across various applications. We work in tandem with your department to deliver high-quality solutions and optimize product for better performace.

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