According to, one of the online providers of health facts and information with regular updating, Chamomilla Extract has a “speed healing capability for skin ulcers, wounds, or burns.” This fact that was published in one of the articles published by such online provider affirms the claim of OxyGenius that this liquefied extract becomes a major reason why people trust this skin formula. 

“We believe that as our product contains this extract or juice, we could deliver well our drive and purpose, which is to help a lot of people recover their skin health. Basically, this solution would provide concrete and visible results for the end-users,” said Elma Johansson, Skin Expert and Spokesperson of OxyGenius Review

What are the OxyGenius benefits of this solution for skin problems? According to the Company, there are 3 basic and simple results when using this supplement. 

1. Rejuvenated sluggish and tired skin
2. Tighter and brighter skin texture
3. Oxygenated and restored skin tissues and cells

“When I used this skin regimen, I really noticed its real impact towards my skin. I didn’t realize that this product would be able to help me in terms of skin health activation and revitalization. But now, the real effects are evident,” reviewed Jenna Florida, aged 33 and mother of 4. 

Besides the cited extract as the main OxyGenius ingredient, it contains other components such as Cola Acuminata Seed Extract, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Glycoproteins, Marine Collagen/Elastin, Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Tetra Peptides, and Wheat Amino Acid. 

“With the combination of these ingredients, all I can say is that this product is working for my skin health recovery. Hence, I recommend this to every individual who has problems with respect to their skin texture in particular, and skin health general,” said Claire Samonte, aged 45. 

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