Chandramukhi Chautala draws inspiration from her father for Saal Ka Sabse Anokha election!!


As preparations for SAB Ke Anokhe Awards are in full swing, we hear that nominees across categories have been resorting to various means to garner viewer votes. Well, Kavita Kaushik definitely is ahead of the game. Kavita who plays dabbang Police Officer Chandramukhi Chautala on FIR takes on this election, all guns blazing! Word is, she has pulled out her biggest artillery to contest this election — her father, who is a Police Officer himself! We’ve heard that  Mr. Kaushik who has been part of the personal security group for late Indira Gandhi during the Prime-Ministerial elections is all geared up to help his daughter. He has designed the master plan and unique strategy to help Kavita get the highest number of votes in the Saal Ka Sabse Anokha election for Sab ke anokhe awards on SAB TV.


This father-daughter duo has been seen planning and devising a master plan that according to her is a sure shot route to victory! Talking about her strategy to win junta votes, Kavita said, “My dad will be my Political Advisor and will be thoroughly supporting me through this entire election campaigning. I can’t reveal my master plan but I’m sure that dad’s anokha experience will make me win this anokha election!” 


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