19, October 2015: Airwheel Technology has pushed out a variety of intelligent self-balancing scooters so far. Of these models, the sitting-posture A3 is the latest one. A good many advanced technologies and fittings are wrapped into A3. A3 come to prominence overnight, but it has never put Airwheel classic model in shade. Airwheel electric unicycle still retains a place in the current market for scooter.


AirwheelX8 is the perfect one of X-series. It is the benchmark of the single-wheeled self-balancing scooter. Airwheel X8 adopts the single-wheeled hub system. The single-wheeled hub system goes a long way towards enhancing the agility in the process of riding X8. Especially when the rider turns or makes a circle, the agile scooter comes in handy a great deal.

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter X8 is typical of the agility. It is intended for those who are highly skilled at wheelie. Some pro players swoon over it. They see it as the patent of professional players. It seems that whether one can steer X8 expertly is symbolic of his riding skill. If he want to prove his thrill skill, steering X8 bears a strong testament to his skill.


Each time one sees the pro players of Airwheel X8 cycle to show off their amazing skilling at riding, he is natural to admire and even envy their thrilling wheelie. However, it is far from that everyone can make it. Before steering Airwheel X8 smoothly and expertly, he has to spend a lot time on practice. Endless strenuous efforts lay behind the jealous wheelie of Airwheel X8. It is through tears, sweat and blood to ride X8. Therefore, to ride X8 is likened to a kind of attitude towards life. In real life, success calls for a great application. So dose riding Airwheel X8. One who aspires to ride X8 could get putting his intention into practice rather than envy others’ wheelie but with nothing to do.

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