Nashua NH, May 14, 2013 -- Charron Medical ( has introduced a program that will cut the installation schedule on custom curved stairway lifts from more than six weeks to less than one week. This dramatic improvement will allow people with complex curved staircases to have a lift installed and working in less than a week. Previously it took a minimum of five weeks from the time of order to the time of installation. Now it takes five days.

At the heart of these new Acorn stairway lifts is a modular stair rail that eliminates the need for complicated drawings, and mistakes in measuring that can delay the installation of many stairway lifts. And, instead of a complicated survey created by the installer, the survey can be completed by the seller with a few snapshots and a simple five-page form.

“These Acorn stairway lifts are truly revolutionary,” said Michael George, President of Charron Medical Services. “It easy for us to do the survey, we order the lift and schedule the delivery day and the lift arrives at the homeowners house in a few days. The lift is installed by the manufacturer in a day or so. After that it’s ready to go, he said.”

These stairway lifts carry a 14-month manufacturer parts and labor warranty. A diagnostic display on the chair informs the user of the status of the lift at all times. There’s also a lockable on-off switch for safety and an easy-to-use paddle to allow the chair to swivel.

About Charron Medical Services
Charron Medical Services is a home medical equipment company located in New Hampshire. In addition to being a stair lift and handicapped ramp installation company and home medical equipment provider, Charron Medical Services is a provider of a broad range of home medical equipment supplies and services such as nebulizers, hospital beds, orthotics and braces, incontinence supplies, catheters and more. As a JCAHO accredited provider, Charron Medical Services also contracts with major insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Harvard Pilgrim, Medicaid and Medicare. For more information, please visit us on the web at