If you are one of those women who have discovered the beauty and advantages of cheap designer handbags then you need to be praised and commended for your decision. Making the jump enables one to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars and yet still be able to enjoy quality, style and elegance. But if you want to keep your handbags looking fresh, new and luxurious, better follow these tips that we have to share.
Keeping them fresh and crisp looking
There are several ways to keep your cheap designer handbags looking fresh as the day you first bought them, and one of which is to use the combination of baby wash and microfiber towels. Dilute a few drops of baby wash in water then spray the mixture onto the microfiber towel and wipe your handbags thoroughly and gently. But make sure not to spray the mixture directly onto your bags. Spray it on the towel first then wipe away until squeaky clean.
The art of wiping
You may not know it but there is a proper way of wiping your handbags. You don't just take the towel and wipe your bags anyway you want. The right method of wiping is to go along the grain of the material your bags are made of. Following or going along the grain will ensure that your bags won't have any unwanted scratches brought about by your cleaning. Also, pay careful attention on the straps and handles of your bags as these areas accumulate the most dirt since they are held on more frequently.

Dealing with pain that is stain
Stains really bring nothing but headache to women and having them terrorize your handbags can sometimes lead to disaster. Whenever your bags get hit with stains accidentally, do not panic, rather examine the stain to find out which class they belong to. The first class is the wet stains which may come from sauces, ketchups etc. These can be cleaned by just using water and a little bit of wiping. The other class which is the dry stains can sometimes cause serious trouble for your bags. These stains that normally come from waxes and oil and grease may require the help of a professional bag cleaner if you want to get rid of them completely and restore your bags to the way they used to look.

The importance of regular cleaning and maintenance
Since we want our cheap designer handbags looking clean and brand new, it is important to have them cleaned regularly. You can do this by using saddle soap but make sure you pick the ones that have low pH level so that the material of your bags will not suffer from damage or discoloration. It is also important to regularly check your bags inside and out for damages that you may have overlooked. Do this check up at least twice a week and together with the tips that we gave you, you'll be able to have your bags look beautiful and luxurious.

Purple Gone writes for HotHotBags.com, offers trendy and Cheap designer handbags.