United States of America; 25, December 2014: Cigarettes are beyond a style statement for the occasional and chain smokers. There are many brands but more often some people stick to a brand of their choice. Cheapciggarettes-sale.com is an online professional store that specializes in offering a wide range of cigarettes of various brands. There are Marlboro cigarettes are available in a set of ten, twenty and thirty cartons with 762 units in stock at present. Lights cigarettes, red cigarettes and menthol cigarettes are some of the varieties 

Most of the cigarette companies are using coloured and coded packaging to make the distinctions. The new federal tobacco law has prohibited cigarette companies to make use of words such as natural, mild, light and ultra light. Marlboro lights are now referred as Marlboro Gold and available in white coloured packing. The price per carton is $20.00 where the nicotine content is 0.5 mg and tar is 6 mg. 

Cheapciggarettes-sale.com has Newport cigarettes available in various carton sizes such as 10, 20 and 30. Newport was introduced in the year 1957 and is a brand of menthol cigarettes which were manufactured by North Carolina US based company, Lorillard Tobacco Company. These cigarettes have a commanding share in the black market. These cigarettes burn slowly and smoothly leaving good smokes in return. People of different culture and races enjoy these flavourful cigarettes where the nicotine content is 1.4mg and tar is 19 mg. Cheapciggarettes-sale.com focuses on providing a convenient online shopping experience to its customer base. 

The cheap cigarettes sale of Cheapciggarettes-sale.com also includes 555 cigarettes. This brand is available in more than 50 countries throughout the world. It is quite popular in USA and highly sold in bulk volumes. The brand as serves as sponsor of different sporting events like car racing, boat racing, etc. It is also sold in Asia where it serves to a burgeoning customer base. Annually, the product also enjoys a sale of over a billion in the countries like China, India and Vietnam. The state express 555 cigarettes provide the smokers with a balanced mix of tobacco and additives. 

Cheapciggarettes-sale.com accepts payments for products sold through PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card and Money Gram. It delivers the ordered cigarette products to the door of the customers for free shipping. It strives to provide outstanding levels of customer service to all of the buyers. The products are shipped within 24 hours after receiving payments and tracking number along with trace link are also provided to the customers. 

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Cheapciggarettes-sale.com is an online shop selling wide variety of branded cigarettes at cheap prices to the customers. It stocks high quality products of the world renowned cigarette brands. Customers can get discounts and shop for products at money saving deals. Visit the website for more information on the products offered. 

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