UK - The FIFA Soccer game series are the commonly flagship of EA game company. With the high grade atmosphere of this game, the FIFA series has been attracting numerous sought of the related fans and game players. However, if the game players want to get good performance in this game, the related FIFA 14 Coins are very necessary.

The specially recruited game player from website which is the best online seller for FIFA 14 coins has told people the fully description about this game. Compared with the former FIFA 13, the FIFA 14 game does not have much more highlights but the newly playing methods, high quality image and the new adding creative touch operation mode. This kind of playing mode could help players drag the ball to move the character, click teammates to pass football especially the finger drawing curve in the restricted area. However, the newly playing mode has also brought into a lot of problems. When people drag and move the player by their finger, their finger will block the character in the game. Although the dribbles in this mode are commonly automatically, it will still affect the overall co-ordination between each player in the game. The specially recruited game player from website FIFA 14 Coins hope the EA company could update these weakness in the near future.

The other noteworthy points for this newly FIFA 14 should be that the action of players on the court in the game playing process is more diverse than before and the replay for the goal entering is more terrific than the former versions. People could see the slow replaying for many rotation angles and it could also show the greatest degree moments. In addition to the more integrated BGM, this game has integrated the special real-time commentary which making the game own strong on site sense. The real-time commentary supports English, German, Spanish and many other languages.

Although this game is very amazing for each football fans around the world, the high price playing coin is the most boring problem for each player for this game. Recently, the good news related with the free playing of this game has largely let the game players enjoy the happily feeling.

The freely news let everything look so beautiful. However, the tournament mode, manager mode and other also need to be paid related FUT 14 Coins . After the wholly calculation, the cost for playing is still very expensive, people could choose one low price FIFA 14 coins supplier such as to totally solve this problem.

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