We all have long time expected for a small device that can sum up the features of our daily used electronic items. Learn more about the features of the latest smart ring device.

Blending the features of the latest software improvements and fashionable designs, the new smart ring provides a wide range of applications and ultra-modern functions. The prototype of the smart ring presents features that makes it easy to use, multi-functional, and fashionable at the same time. The smart ring can be a suitable accessory for office outfits, as well as for attending parties, and formal receptions. It has a detachable head and can be worn as a smart ring, bracelet, key chain, or necklace pendent.

What would you say about a smart device that is context aware, connects to your email, or phone, and alerts you when you accidentally drop or forget your phone somewhere? You can track your smart phone and be able to recover it immediately. This way you will never have to go through the hassle of losing your phone again. The smart rings can be configured to alert you when you receive a mail that you were expecting. It can also notify you to get ready for you scheduled meetings.

This incredible fashion ring is more than just a gadget. It comes with several applications and a unique customizable software that supports an extended range of applications to be installed. The smart fashion ring will be also available in golden and silver colors, so that it fits red carpet suits and elegant gowns. It doesn’t happen very often to benefit from a fashionable accessory that is endowed with so many practical features.

With the fashion ring you can control your TV, smart phone, email inbox, music system and more. You can get notifications and reminders by setting a beep tone, sound-volume, vibration, or light blip. You can even make and attend phone calls from your fashion ring. This multi-functional fashion ring can act as a wake up alarm. You are able to install a multitude of new functions that include alarm app, watch app, sleep monitor app, weather app, camera and music app, ergonomic app, and plenty more.

It really is quite fascinating to discover how many things this smart ring can do to improve your life style, bring in more comfort and assist you with your daily routines. For example when you take your ring with you while jogging, it can tell you about the calories consumed and other biorhythm features. When you work for many hours it can be configured to remind you when to take a break and suggest exercises to alleviate muscle tension.

You can get online and gather more information about the fantastic features of this multi-functional gadget. Anyone should admit that a small and fashionable device that helps you track your keys and phones is long-awaited for and extremely benefic. Besides, it does a lot more than that, so you should get familiar with its great features.

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