Shanghai City, China; 15, December 2014: In many industries, wiring harness equipments are desirable to carry out the manufacturing task and to maintain the workplace safety. This is the reason why industries prefer to install high quality, technologically advanced harness equipments that meet all the safety standards. Cheers Electronic Technical Company, with over three decades of experience in developing a variety of harness equipments, brings their new range of equipments that is aimed at improving the safety and performance of an industry.

Among a wide range of equipments, their new wire stripper has varied applications in automotive, electrical equipment manufacturing and other industries. They have wire strippers for stripping coaxial cable, heavy duty wire, greenle wire, electric wire and other types of wires. The strippers can be used for multi-layer stripping of wires in several steps. The strippers can be used for a wide range of industrial processes and can provide a precise stripping in an effortless manner.

According to the company spokesperson, all equipments in their new range are easy to use and offer fast and accurate results. The wire cutter, available in their portfolio, can be used for stripping of heavy duty and large gauge wires. This is a reliable equipment for industries where heavy duty wire stripping is required for the industrial process. Equipped with a blade of hard tungsten steel, the cutter can strip wire of any type, even that is covered with hard insulators. The spokesperson is confident that the equipment will soon become popular among the worldwide industries.

Cheers Electronic has also introduced an automatic corrugated tube cutting machine, designed to offer high-precision processing of corrugated tubes. The robust machine can be used for circular cutting of plastics in a low noise environment. With low energy consumption, it can be appropriate for affordable and green processing of corrugated tubes. Cheers Electronic prefers investing in technology to bring out improved quality equipments for their clients. With new equipments, they reiterate their commitment to boost the industrial performance of their clients. To learn more about their range of equipments, one may visit the website

About Cheers Electronic Technical Co., LTD:

Cheers Electronic Technical Company has three-decade of specialized experience in manufacturing of a wide range of wiring harness equipments. The main products include fully automatic terminal crimping machines, wire peeling machine, applicator, digital wire cutting machine, digital tube cutting machine, pneumatic wire stripping machine, wire coiling machine, wire feeding machine, wire cutting machine, wire stripper machine, wire crimper and etc.

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