Chef’s Character is an Amazon retail company specializing in kitchen accessories. Emphasizing on the health benefits on garlic, the company has now announced a new garlic press product on Amazon.

April 27, 2016 — Amazon seller Chef’s Character has now added a new product to their repertoire, with more products to follow soon. The new product is stated to be a heavy duty stainless steel garlic press, which comes with its own cleaning brush and a fancy box. According to the company, they want their clients to develop a healthy lifestyle by easily adding more garlic to their foods.

Garlic is known to have many health benefits, along with a great flavor. It can be added to almost any recipe to enhance not only the taste but the nutritional value also. The stainless steel professional garlic press by Chef’s Character has been designed to make it user friendly and efficient. A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement to discuss the features of the product.

“Here at Chef’s Character, we are a very customer oriented company and aim to provide our clients with the best products. Made from high quality steel, our new heavy duty and professional garlic press assures utmost durability and longevity. The design makes sure that every bit of garlicy goodness is squeezed out and nothing gets wasted. Furthermore, this professional grade garlic press even comes with its own easy cleaning brush,” stated the spokesperson.

More info can be seen on the official Amazon listing(

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