01 August, 2014: Scientific research, experiments and product development go hand in hand. Drugs form a significant part of medicines used to cure birds, animals, human beings and many other living organisms. Chemboxer Science and Technology Co. Ltd is a firm that performs high degrees of biochemical synthesis processes. The company has its own set of intellectual property rights to do so. It mainly focuses on providing chemical synthesis services; value added medicinal intermediate and drug development services. Chemical custom synthesis is a complex process and significant branch of drug development. There are numerous technical and managerial stages involved. Some of these are specialized one-off operations. With proper planning, research, learning and all round coordination it can be executed quite comfortably and sensibly at the same time. Being a one off operation, the entire research team’s effectiveness might be hampered. Outsourcing the activity to Chemboxer could be an effective and cost efficient means of fulfilling such demands. 

Scientific activities such as research, experiment and development aren’t an easy job. Qualified, dedicated and experienced professionals are mostly preferred over the low qualified and inexperienced ones. The research and development unit of Chemboxer primarily features individuals with Masters and PHD qualifications in subjects such as Pharmacy and Biochemistry. The production team of the company has staff people who are experienced in chemical synthesis field and in handling deep chemicals. Some of the significant biological inventions of the company include the IPI-145 chemical. It is also known as INK117 and its molecular weight is 416.86 with solubility of 84 mg. 

The company is able to deliver as per the individual needs and requirement of its customers owing to its smooth processes. Emphasis is given to maintain wide coverage of the product, simple ordering procedure and manufacturing superior quality of products. It also serves the global customers in terms of all round drug development services. Chemboxer has invented the GS-9620 chemical which mixes with the TLR-7 to cure the Chimpanzees who are suffering from the chronic hepatitis B infection. 

Chemboxer Science and Technology Co. Ltd is a reputed name in the drug development field. It minutely monitors the trend followed in the drugs industry. The chemists are qualified enough to conduct complex and multi step syntheses. The company has many prominent research achievements to its name. Interested customers can also enquire about its services through its website. The company aims to respond to mails and queries within 24 hours of time. Orders can be placed conveniently and customers can pay via platforms such as Western Union, Moneygram and T/T. 

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Chemboxer Science and Technology Co. Ltd are whole heatedly committed to offering drug development services to companies and various international research institutions. It aims to provide competitive pricing for its high quality products along with speedy delivery.