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New Lenox, Il, 10/11/2015 — According to research from James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC chemotherapy can cause a secondary cancer.
After learning more about the possibility of getting cancer a second time evean after the first cancer had already been cured you may one may want to explore the use of a holistic health machine called a rife machine as a chemotherapy alternative.
How does chemotherapy affect the risk of second cancers?
Some types of chemotherapy (chemo) drugs have been linked with different kinds of cancer. The cancers most often linked to chemo are myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Sometimes, MDS occurs first, then turns into AML. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) has also been linked to chemo. Chemo is known to be a greater risk factor than radiation therapy in causing leukemia.
Some solid tumor cancers have also been linked to chemo treatment for certain cancers, such as testicular cancer.
For people with some types of cancer, the risk of getting certain other types of cancer is clearly higher, but for other types it’s not as clear if the risk is increased. Because it can take many years for cancers to develop, second cancers have been studied best in types of cancers for which successful treatments have been around the longest. That’s why we know more about second cancers after certain types of cancer than for others..
Often, second cancers seem to happen more often than would be expected just based on how common cancer is. Sometimes the new cancer is in the same organ as the first. For example, someone who was treated for colon cancer can get another colon cancer. Others occur in other organs or tissues.
What causes second cancers?
It isn’t always clear what causes second cancers. Some seem to be caused by the same things that caused the first cancer. Others may be caused by cancer treatment.
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Last Medical Review: 10/11/2015
The opinion of James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC states that he is so amazed at how many people knowing the facts about chemotherapy, this being patients who undergo chemotherapy the success rate is only three percent.
Furthermore a majority of doctors in which administer chemotherapy to their patients claim that they would never undergo chemotherapy.
Now with these new studdies, being that chemotherapy can cause cancer a second time hopefully cancer sufferers may think twice about undergoing chemotherapy.
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Summary: We are living in a new age now. We we are basically living in the space age. Just think about all the new technological advancements within the medical industry.
However what never seems to change is the treatment and the poor success rate of not only chemotherapy but radiation and other treatments.
So far western medicine seems to be losing when it comes to cancer.
Is it intential because cancer brings in billions of dollars each year? Perhaps they just will not open their eyes to try a holistic approach.
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