It's very well known that Chemotherapy Kills. Try a rife machine as a safe alternative.


New Lenox, Il, 10/03/2015 — According to Miracle Alternatives LLC. They sell a holistic health machine that has been very successful as an alternative to chemotherapy treatment.

The holistic machine was created back around 1931 by Dr. Royal Rife. His machine proved on several occasions to cure cancer.
According to Miracle Alternatives LLC. They sell their own rife machine built to virtually the same specifications as the original rife machine invented by Dr. Royal Rife.

Miracle Alternatives LLC. It sells their own rife machine called the Miracle Rife Machine. According to James Matthew their Miracle Rife Machine is flying off the shelves for those who either don't want to use chemotherapy, or they were using chemotherapy, and it was simply not working and or too dangerous.

Learn about chemotherapy and decide if this is a good or bad idea.
Chemotherapy is administered through a vein, and often
the patient will get a catheter inserted into their
arm. This is so they don't have to get a repeated needle
pokes, which can be painful and uncomfortable.
Side effects of chemotherapy are fairly common and
occur because the drugs may do damage to normal cells
in addition to the cancerous ones. This can cause
digestive problems, hair loss, and many other types of
side effects that your doctor will advise you of.
Chemotherapy isn't right for every single patient. If
you have caught the mesothelioma very early on, it
could be simply removed by surgery.
Chemotherapy can also be pretty expensive but if the
treatment is needed, you may be able to have some or
all the costs paid for by whoever exposed you. This
could be factory odds are they have paid
out to many people already.

Although we cannot make any claims and or guarantee's but the Miracle Rife Machine according to many customer testimonials has been very successful in not only a chemotherapy alternative but for the treatment of many unwanted life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

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Rife machines have been around since 1931. They have been and are still used as an alternative to western medicine such as chemotherapy. Although like anything, else this does not mean it can cure any sickness, illness or disease. However, the same can be said about western medicine such as chemotherapy and radiation. No doctor can guarantee he or she can cure anyone.

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