ChidiyagharMohalla’s encounter with the supernatural!



ChidiyagharMohalla is returning from a wedding and are faced with a new challenge as their bus develops a technical snag. The entire wedding party is then forced to go look for shelter so that they can spend the night and arrange for another mode of transport.


They then head to a nearby village where they see the villagers dancing in someone’s wedding procession. Excited they go ahead and join the baraat, however when they enquire about the bride and groom the villagers are reluctant to divulge any details. They bump into an old man who warns them and asks them to leave immediately, he also directs them to an old Haveli where they can spend the night. All hell breaks loose when they open a box and strange incidents happen in the Haveli which leaves all of them petrified.


Will the members of ChidiyagharMohalla escape this situation unscathed?


Aditi Sajwan who plays Koyal said, “The members of ChidiyagharMohalla encounter some supernatural activities while they are put up in an old Haveli. Everyone is scared as they realize that they are trapped and there is probably no way out. They consult a Tantrik who then tries to rescue them and help them escape.”


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