31, August 2015: In recent years many parents choose to send their children to a lot of classes at their spare time. There are usually two kinds of classes. First is the class of school subject. Parents want their children to study for extra time to solid up the knowledge they get in school by more teaching and exercises. Second is the class to cultivate children’s potential according to their interests, for example they may learn to play a piano or how to dance.


Anyway parents intend to make their children better educated to have a promising future because of fierce competition in modern society. But it will be a pathetic childhood if it is full of study without enough playing. Children deserve something fun to diversify the life that they will not regret when grown up. And Airwheel intelligent electric unicycle scooter is a wonderful choice.

The Airwheel intelligent electric unicycle scooter is a perfect tool which is interesting to kids. It is just like a wheel which can run itself. Children must love a self-running wheel that they can stand on. The electric scooter has a smart balancing system inside to keep balanced using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Learning to ride a wheel is as fun as learning to ride a bike. It can be something unforgettable in the childhood. The rider can accelerate by leaning forward and decelerate or brake by leaning backward, the trick is to gently change the center of body weight. It is a subtle process one must carefully get the hang of it.


The Airwheel single-wheel electric scooter can run as fast as three times human walking and run a mileage of about 20km at one time. That’s enough for children to have a lot of fun outdoors.

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