GuangDong, China — China Palm AC Equipment Company brings new and improved quality heat pumps for replacing gas boilers in air conditions. This will help improve the efficiency of an AC and it will consume less energy at the same time. According to the company spokesperson, these new heat pumps and heat pump products have been introduced to address the energy shortage that many areas of the world witness today. “Moreover, less consumption of energy means more savings, and anyone will appreciate it,” the spokesperson states.

He further maintains that these heat pumps are easier to replace, as they come in the same size as the gas boilers. And it has been found that it can prove four times more energy saving than a gas boiler. When the whole world is looking for ways to reduce the energy consumption, the company’s heat pumps could be recognized as an important solution to help save energy. The heat pumps introduced by the company could serve the purpose of heating, cooling and domestic water heating as a single solution.

The spokesperson is very confident that the new heat pumps will draw the attention of the people from across the world and soon they will witness bulk orders from different parts of the world. Importantly, their inverter heat pump can be used with the existing water tanks, radiators and other available heating systems. This way, it can further save costs and there is no reason why one won’t come forward to replace their old gas boilers with these new heat pumps.

Their new heat pumps feature inbuilt solar heating systems for heating water and air. This promotes energy conservation, as energy is not used from the traditional sources. Moreover, these inverter heat pumps can offer good performance even in extreme cold conditions like -25 degree Celsius. Its excellent auto defrost system maintains adequate heating during extremely cold environment. There are several excellent features that make these heat pumps as the best heating and cooling solution in the modern times. People willing to learn more about their new heat pumps can visit the website

About China Palm AC Equipment Co. Limited

China Palm AC Equipment Company is a leading company involved mainly in researching and manufacturing heat pump and energy-saving products. With original European heat pump technology and advanced equipment, experienced management, after-sales service, and professional technical experts, the company enjoys over 20 years experience in the DC inverter air conditioner and heat pump field. They are now expanding their heat pump and DC inverter air conditioning operation worldwide.

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