Xi'an City, China; 12, October 2015: Using the latest technology and high-end machinery, China based Cironbar specializes in the manufacturing and supply of high quality cast iron bars to the global clientele. The company is a top manufacturer of iron bars and they have a large manufacturing capacity to supply products to their clients throughout the year in a consistent manner.

The spokesperson of Cironbar maintains that they have been supplying gray and ductile iron bars for the last twenty years and they have clients all across the world. Besides providing clients with high quality iron bars, they also offer services, such as rough machining (cutting, milling ),sand casting and CNC machining. “With our cost-effective products and services, our customers save money at any step of production” the spokesperson states. They supply iron bars in different size and shape range, allowing industries to meet their unique production requirements.

Cironbar uses horizontal continuous casting method to produce the cast iron bar that features sturdiness and durability. By using selected raw materials and the induction smelting furnace, the spheroidal shape is achieved, which can be used to make cast iron round bars. These round bars have varied applications in different industries, such as hydraulic cylinder parts( guide sleeve, piston cylinder, pistons, distributor, valve), air compressor( screw compressor motor,screw motor), glass molds,pump gasket and others. The company customalloy bars fit to customer’s requirements that can be used in many special industries.

Cironbar has the specialty of supplying:

ASTM standard like ductile cast iron bar :65-45-12 , 80-55-06 ,gray cast iron bar: G1 bar, G2 bar, ETC...

Euro Standards like GGG40 ductile iron bars (EN-GJS-400-18),GGG50(EN-GJS-500-7), Gray cast iron bars GG25(EN-GJL-250), GG30(EN-GJL-300), ETC...

The iron bars are obtained from the furnace in the molten state and are cooled and solidified in special conditions that help maintain the desired level of strength and robustness. They use a dynamic process to maintain the best of the quality for industries to meet their unique production needs. To learn more about their iron bars and their manufacturing process, one may visit the website www.cironbar.com.

About Cironbar:

Cironbar was founded in 1994, the earliest factory of cast iron bars and the drafting unit of China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T 10854-2008 (Horizontal Continuous Casting Iron Bars). ISO9001 certified since 2002, The company has the expertise and a team of engineers who are well trained in design and quality control capability of continuous cast iron bar for more than 20 years. Cironbar focuses on innovation and the technology has made them the premier continuous casting producer in China.

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Website: www.cironbar.com