Shanghai, China; 21, January 2015: There are a variety of industries, such as petrochemical, mechanical equipment, electrical and nuclear power and others that require different types of special alloys for their production needs. China based Special Alloy Group announces the availability of a large range of special alloys and special alloy products to meet the requirements of the global industries all across the world. The company offers China special alloy products with high quality and custom compositions to meet the specific requirements of an industry. 

According to the company spokesperson, they invest significant time and money on research and development and come up with innovative special alloy materials to fuel the growth of different industries. Some of the common alloys that the company produces are super duplex stainless steel, monel, iconel, titanium, zirconium and others. The company matches the international production standards, such as ANSI, ISO, ASTM and others. This is the reason why the alloys are safe and suitable for use in different industries across the globe. 

The spokesperson maintains that the company believes in supplying alloy products according to the client requirements and the prevailing quality standards. They can supply products matching any specification and in any quantity throughout the year. The company aims at fuelling the growth of the industries around the world and this is the reason why they offer to supply high quality products as per the demand of the industries. 

Besides supplying a range of high quality alloy materials, Special Alloy Group also provides a full set of services, including smelting, forging, machining as well as inspection of the production quality. All these services aim at supporting the production requirements of the industries, so that they can best use the alloy materials to deliver high quality products. Special Alloy Group keeps innovating and keeps adding new and improved alloy products to its portfolio. To learn more about different types of alloys that they supply, one may visit the website 

About Special Alloy Group Limited: 

Special Alloy Group Limited is an innovative export-oriented company, which relies mainly on RD and machining. The company has an office in Shanghai and manufacture bases are in Jiading, Jinshan and Jiangyin. The company mainly machines special alloy materials, special alloy products, and it has own complete heat treatment equipments, inspection equipment and thorough quality control system. The alloy products are used in a variety of industries. 

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