Shenzhen City, China; 10, January 2015: Modern businesses require a variety of printing solutions, and World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd. or Shenzhen King Print Technology Co. Ltd. keeps introducing a new range of printing solutions from time to time that can address the printing needs of the businesses of the modern times. They have a range of printers that can be used for printing on t-shirts, packaging labels, mobile phone cases and other surfaces. The company has recently introduced the UV Printer, available in a compact size and which can be used for printing on a variety of surfaces.

Speaking about the latest printer which uses UV ink for printing, the spokesperson of the company maintains that the eco-solvent ink is used to allow printing on a variety of material surfaces directly, without requiring any type of coating. This printer can also print images with embossed effects and can be used for impressive printing of logos and brand messages on a variety of products.

The spokesperson also reveals the astounding features of their new version of the Flatbed Printer that works on the heat function technology for printing on surfaces like ID cards, Phone cases and other PV, PU and PVC surfaces. The printer with a stable technology and a special kind of an ink can be used on a surface directly, without requiring any spray coating. The printer allows scratch resistant and colorful printing of images on a desired surface.

The company’s phone case printer is in great demand with the growing sale of mobile phones all across the world. They have the printer that can be used for printing on both soft cases and hard cases, and this is the reason why the printer is more popular among the worldwide customers who are in the business of selling mobile phone cases with custom designs. People can check the different types of printing solutions available with them by visiting their website

About World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd.:

World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen King Print Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading company which is registered in Hong Kong and working for solutions of Flatbed Inkjet Printing. The man main products of the company include Multifunction Printer, Card Printer, Customized Gift Printer, T-shirt and garments Printer, Food Printer, Hot stamping Printer, 3D Printer and Special Printer. The company is specialized in the manufacture and export of the flatbed printer for more than 6 years. They have more than 5 factories in China mainland.

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