Chongqing, China; 17, October 2015: Chongqing Eternal Experiment Instrument Factory manufactures and supplies excellent quality testing equipments to a number of international clients across the world. They have a complete research and development facility and keep developing new equipments that can meet industry requirements more precisely. The company has now introduced high temperature and humidity testing chambers that have their important applications in many industries.

According to the spokesperson of China Lab Oven, they export scientific lab equipments that comply with the GMP guidelines. This is the reason why their equipments are in great demand for various industrial, research and institutional applications. Besides industries, research labs, colleges and institutions also rely on their great quality and international grade testing equipments. The new testing chambers have been developed with the same quality parameters that make them perfect for any industrial application.

The spokesperson reveals that the new clean high temperature test chamber has many astounding features. With a programmable control, this is excellent clean-room dedicated high temperature equipment. The class 100 cleanliness treatment and the HEPA filter with a horizontal parallel wind flow cycle make sure that the temperature is distributed uniformly. The setting allows to maintain the temperature rising and falling more conveniently. The standard operating setting configuration allows the chamber to automatically start or automatically stop and the operation can also be set to run.

The Humidity Temperature Chambers introduced by the company are mainly used in the accelerated damp heat tests, particularly in aerospace, aviation, electrical, electronic, instrumentation and other industries. The chamber allows evaluating the performance of the trial target under specific environmental conditions. The chamber features an intelligent programmable controller and high processing speed to operate the machine easily and carry out the testing task at a desired speed. The equipment also features malfunctioning traceability and its automatic detection function makes it perfect for the remote malfunction diagnosis.

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Chongqing Eternal Experiment Instrument Factory, as a professional manufacturer that researches and develops environmental testing equipment with reliable technology, has been creating plenty of products in accordance with international standard requirements. With the high stability and uniformity, their testing equipments are useful for various industries, such as electronics, semiconductor, photoelectric, communication, aviation, machinery, automobile, laboratory in colleges and universities, quality inspection institutions and many other fields.

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