Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China; 22, December 2014: China has emerged as a global destination, particularly for people who have business interests. This is the reason why a large number of people from different parts of the world visit China for establishing a partnership, exporting goods and setting up a business in their respective markets. All businessmen and others who want to do business with China, but don’t have sufficient knowledge of the China law can now take advantage of the expert legal service offered by JPKnowHow Business Consulting Company. The law firm devices legal solutions as per the requirements of the foreigners who want to do business with the Chinese companies. 

The law firm has a team of experienced lawyers who have an extensive knowledge of the Chinese legal system. They provide proper information and guidance to foreigners to make legally-appropriate business decisions so that they can follow the rules and can carry out their business in a peaceful manner. Jeff Xi, who is the Consultant of the Firm, states, “It’s always better to conduct the business as per the legal compliance of the country to avoid any legal hassle.” He guides foreigners in the matters of company registration and setting up a business in China. 

A number of businessmen are getting attracted toward the Chinese industries for investments and good procurement. They all can take help of the expert legal service in different fields, from selecting business associates to investment and tax related matters. “For a foreigner, the China tax law could be a bit cumbersome to understand. This is the reason why we have a personal income tax calculator on our website, and we offer the tax consultancy for a foreign national to avoid any tax evasion,” William Zhu, the Tax Consultant of the firm, states. 

Besides helping people in business and tax related matters, the Chinese law firm also offers their best legal services in Chinese marriage and divorce cases. The lawyers provide all relevant information about the marriage law in the country and answer all queries of the couples to make a sensible decision related to their marriage or divorce. People who have any doubt or query about the laws in China related to business or in personal matters can seek their expert assistance by visiting their website http://www.chinaregulations.com 

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JPKnowHow Business Consulting Company provides legal information to foreign people in China. They have a team of expert lawyers from different fields who design perfect legal solutions in the matters of business, taxation, marriage, divorce or any other matter. 

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