China; 03, July 2015: China has a rich cultural heritage dating back several years and an interesting historical background. Living and working in the country provides ample opportunities for travelling inside out. China TEFLer offers university graduates a chance to work as an English teacher in the country. The website is specially developed for those interested in teaching English in China. Without being stuck in a predictable job, interested graduates can explore job vacancies available in the approved schools.

China’s vast population is gearing up to integrate itself with the western ways. One of the major requirements is to learn speaking the English language. Schools throughout China are on a mission to recruit qualified, passionate and friendly teachers to teach English in China. This is a step towards taking western culture to classrooms and creating an environment immersive in the world language. Apart from doing a well respected and paid job, teachers from other countries also get an opportunity to explore the beautiful country. Some of well known tourist spots are mountains of Yunnan, Karst scenery of Guilin, terracotta army and Great Wall of China.

Members of the China TEFLer are present or past TEFL teachers living and working in the country. The organization provides comprehensive guidance and advice about teaching. Learning the local language may also open up a sea of opportunities and adds value to the CV. There are ample accommodation options for people coming from other countries. In their spare time, teachers can also spend some weekend time in Xian. There would be holidays to spend some time in Thailand.

There is a growing demand for teaching English in China jobs. Many schools and educational institutions look for recruiting people who have English as their mother tongue. By basing themselves on a different part of world, a wealth of dream destinations become accessible all of a sudden. China TEFLer has a lesson plan package developed as cost effective solution against spending unnecessary hours about things to teach. The package available has a year of complete lesson plans suitable for different age and seniority levels.

Newly recruited TEFL teachers may lack the dedication required to consistently plan out engaging and useful lessons for students. All of the lessons listed in the package are tried and tested through a curriculum of two years classroom experimentation. There is step by step explanation along with instructions to make the lessons easily. These plans are simply invaluable for new teachers. It would help them in saving time and settling in.

About China TEFLer:

China TEFLer offers English teaching opportunities, advice and guidance to people interested in coming to China. Those who have completed their university graduation can apply for available vacancies. Apart from being well paid jobs, teachers also get an opportunity to explore different lands and tourist spots inside out. Visit the website for more information on the services offered.