United States of America 3/20/2014: Chocolate is something that is a big hit not just among children but among the adults as well. People love to eat chocolates and these, most undoubtedly, are the most delectable of desserts. A social gathering or a homely party, irrespective of it being a birthday bash or Christmas party or a kitty party, remains incomplete without chocolates. Chocolate fountains are machines that hold chocolates in melted state as the basin forming the end of the machine is heated. Chocolate Fountain Online is an online store that offers a huge collection of chocolate fountain machines in different sizes and designs. Hot and melted chocolate flows out in fountain which is then served. 

Chocolates have become an indispensable item as far as parties are concerned. The chocolate fountains are therefore an important device that is available for both commercial used as well as for private or personal use. The commercial chocolate fountains are further categorized as Pump system and Auger system. Chocolate Fountains Online offers a complete collection of commercial chocolate fountain machines that are available in a number of sizes. The commercial machines are those that are used at parties and restaurants, while the personal or private machines are those that are used in regular households. Overall the online store offers twenty models of chocolate fountain machines to choose from which range between large, medium, and small sizes. 

The chocolate fondue fountain available at the online store has a height of eighty centimeters and comes with five tiers holding five kilogram chocolate in its bowl. It is a must have in gatherings for birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, bridal showers, corporate events and dinner parties. There are several things that can be dipped in the chocolate fountains and include fruits such as strawberries and dry fruits, pretzels and cookies. Other fruits that can be dipped in the hot melting chocolate include fresh pineapple, fresh banana or apple slices, frozen bananas, and cherries. Marshmallows are also a hit with hot and melted chocolates. The commercial machines available are available in sizes that range between fifty centimeters to one hundred and forty five centimeters. 

The prospective buyers can buy 5 tier chocolate fountain machine from the online store. It is important to keep the chocolate in a melted stats that is not too solid and neither completely liquid which enables a smooth flow. The chocolate fondue fountain can hold 4 kg chocolate at time which suffices for small and homely gatherings. The store also offers the loose parts of chocolate fountain machines which enables a quick replacement of the troubling parts. 

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Chocolate Fountain Online is an online store that presents and sells a huge collection of chocolate fountain machines. These are available both for personal use as well as for commercial use and can be found in different sizes. For more information, visit the website.